HELP / WARRANTY POLICY, as an Authorized distributor/retailer, warrants the product against any manufacturing defects for the period and type of warranty mentioned on the card.

The Limited Warranty is Valid only in the SLYSYS Outlets of purchase unless specified on the warranty card. For all purchases from SLYSYS E-store please refer to the proof of purchase (invoice) for warranty type and period.

The warranty covers Limited Products. Please refer to Manufactures terms and condition available in the box/websites.

For all Accessories, the warranty terms and conditions shall be applicable as warranted by the manufactures, External and supplied accessories, as well as those purchased separately, are not subjected to the scope of this limited warranty

To avail warranty service, Please Bring the Product or shipit and to the nearest SLYSYS Service care Labs, Service, repair or alterations by any personal other than SLYSYS Authorized Service centers will invalidate this warranty.

The limited warranty does not cover any damages due to accident, transportation, misuse, negligence, natural disaster, humidity, rust, gradual deterioration due to wear and tear, cosmetic modification, drop damage/liquid damage and use with voltages other than designated or operation in a manner not in accordance with the manufactures instruction manual. In such events or attempts to service, and if the product is found to be non-repairable. SLYSYS shall not be held responsible to return the handset in the original state.

All Personal data, Third party or try & buy applications shall not be warranted under this limited warranty

This limited warranty is not transferable and will not be honored if the IMEI or serial no. of this product is removed, altered or obliterated or there is misrepresentation in any other form.

Repaired Product will be warranted for the balance of the original warranty period. In case of any manufacturing defect that cannot be repaired or fixed, SLYSYS is authorized to replace only the some products as per the manufactures troubleshooting and warranty replacement guideline.

If the handset is beyond economical repair and has reached end of life, we may, at our absolute discretion, replace your handset with a suitable equivalent model of same brand.

Factors influencing Slysys's warranty stature:

Purchase date: ____________

Purchase No: ____________

Warranty Code: ____________

Product Model: ____________

Warrant Expiry: ____________

IMEDI No: ____________

Slysys -Service: Warranty Policy

  • SLYSYS service care labs warrants original spare parts and accessories.
  • We use both third quality and second quality spare parts as per customer intent.
  • We use 100% original spare parts because we go by the fact 'price need not compromise quality. This also includes a 1 month warranty.'
  • The warranty provides coverage for original products Hardware and Original Spares for 1 month, software recovery problems warrants 1 hour
  • Receipt must be obtained compulsory for the products given for service.
  • Battery, Cover, Stickers, Sockets, chargers, bags etc. should-keep yourselves
  • Do not give any accessories along with the gadgets given for service. The company will not be responsible for such accessories
  • After collecting your service based products, the company will repair or replace your problem faced sector after your approval of our call and will deliver back to you within a week (dependent on parts availability)
  • The products given for service must be taken back within 30 days. If it takes more than 30 days a new receipt must be obtained.
  • The company will not be responsible for the serviced products if lost or not taken back within 30 days, so you please contact our customer care before your bill expires
  • The customer should fully check the products at the service before taking back. The company will not be responsible for any complaint occur after that. (Without original spares)
  • Unauthorized opening and Misuse of other technicians for a unit or manipulation resulting in a change to serviced sector will invalidate the warranty
  • The downloading of files from the Internet resulting in damage to hardware and/or software will void all warranty.
  • The company will not be responsible if any error occur due to updating the products or installing any wrong applications, for rectifying such errors, the company will apply service charge
  • No Labor charges for pick up and drop your service based items, so we will quoted regular rate and service charge, if you face any problem our executive assist you
  • Warranty or maintenance agreement: No charge for pick and drop, bring warranty or proof of agreement (Owner is responsible for providing proof of warranty or maintenance agreement). Charges include parts and technical service lab.

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